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Welcome to POSys official site!

        POSys (Programmers Operating System) is an operating system project. The goal is to make a simple 32bit multitasking OS that will be able to load and execute MS Win32 modules like 32Bit PE modules (known as Win 32Bit EXE) and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and Linux modules like ELF modules (known as a.out).

        System requirements (currently)
            486 with at least 3MB of RAM, Floppy Disk that supports 1.44MB format.

         Posys is distributed under GNU General Public License as an open source project. Download the code and use it at your own risk.

        Downloads can be made for testing purposes only. I am not responsible of any damage made by this software. This is an alpha version. It is not recommended to test the software on an actual computer if you don't know what you are doing. You should use an PC emulator (minimum a 486 emulator).


Download the latest version of POSYS


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